Capcom Cup X kicked off, the event with the biggest prize pool in fighting games history

The grand Street Fighter 6 tournament of the year, Capcom Cup X, kicked off in Burbank last night. This milestone event has already set a record in the genre for the highest prize pool, and it may also become one of the most-watched tournaments of the genre in terms of viewership.

Capcom Cup X Official Broadcasts:

  • English #1 (Twitch);
  • English #2 (Twitch).

The Capcom Cup X marks the first major tournament for Street Fighter 6 in 2024. Held at the Blue Coast Studios venue, it has brought together top players from around the world to compete for a total prize pool of $1.7 million; this ranks among the largest prize pools in individual disciplines, excluding Fortnite. For comparison, throughout the entire existence of Street Fighter V, only $2.27 million has been awarded in prize money in this version of the fighting game.

Largest solo esports events by prize money (w/ Fortnite):

  1. Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021 — $2 293 296;
  2. Capcom Cup X (Street Fighter 6) — $1 700 000;
  3. Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2019 — $1 387 727;
  4. Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2018 — $1 310 000;
  5. Magic World Championship XXVII — $1 050 000.

The Capcom Cup X has an excellent chance of setting a series record for the number of viewers. The Last Chance Qualifier stage took place the day before the main tournament, with broadcasts attracting 131.4K Peak Viewers. This is 22% more than the main tournament of Capcom Cup IX last year.

The average number of viewers for Last Chance Qualifier broadcasts was 78.6K people. The most popular match was between the American JB and the Japanese Kakeru in the lower bracket semifinals of the playoffs. The Grand Final between Problem X and Punk ranked third in popularity, attracting 125.7K Peak Viewers.

This difference arose because the number of viewers on the Japanese broadcast sharply decreased after the elimination of Japanese participants (from 56.7K to 40.4K PV). The champion of the qualification was the British player Problem X, he received the only spot for the main stage.


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