Metizport teams up with Esports Charts for analytical insights

Esports Charts, the industry leader in esports livestreaming viewership analytics, proudly announces its partnership with Metizport, an aspiring esports organization from Norway. Esports Charts commits to providing comprehensive viewership statistics on Metizport’s teams in various esports titles. The analytics will include detailed insights into viewership across streaming platforms, offering a nuanced understanding of audience engagement.

Additionally, Esports Charts will provide data on viewership’s geo-distribution, empowering Metizport with valuable information to optimize its outreach and engagement strategies. The partnership will help Metizport stay at the forefront of data-driven decision-making as they navigate various European markets and look beyond.

Apart from delivering detailed match viewership statistics for Metizport’s teams, Esports Charts will provide in-depth insights into the organization’s social media presence. This encompasses statistics on Metizport’s pages across various platforms, coupled with the estimated media value of posts and accounts. The metric provides quantifiable insight into the potential of brand-endorsed posts and their marketing outcomes.

About Esports Charts
Esports Charts, a leading provider of livestreaming viewership analysis, offers comprehensive data and analytics on esports tournaments, leagues, and team audiences from around the globe. In addition to esports, the company also provides statistics on other live events, including concerts, sports, and entertainment events. Esports Charts stands out as a key player in the industry, providing clients with unique and valuable insights critical to staying current in the rapidly evolving livestreaming ecosystem. Its services are highly sought after by businesses seeking to gain a competitive edge in the dynamic and fast-paced world of livestreaming.

About Metizport
Founded in 2018, Metizport is a Norwegian esports organization with a diverse roster spanning multiple titles, including Valorant and Super Smash Bros. The flagship CS2 team features Nilo, who was named Sweden’s Talent of the Year in 2023. Nilo has garnered attention on an international scale, earning five mentions in players’ HLTV Bold Picks for the 2024 list of 20 best CS2 pros. The final endorsement came from one of Counter-Strike’s all-time greats, ZywOo. Metizport remains committed to fostering top-tier talent and achieving excellence in the competitive gaming landscape.

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