PGL Major 2024 European RMR debuts with best-ever viewership

The first Counter-Strike Major of 2024 and the world’s first Counter-Strike 2 Major tournament is quickly approaching. The final qualifier series for the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, starting with PGL Major Copenhagen 2024: European RMR A, have already begun; the best teams in Europe are all battling it out for a spot at the event and viewership is reaching new heights.

With 2024 beckoning a new era of Counter-Strike, the upcoming PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is offering up no guaranteed spots for any team. All teams must compete through the qualifier and RMR events to secure a place in the event, which has created some of the most stacked and exciting qualifying events Counter-Strike has seen in a long time.
Fans must feel more excited for and invested in these matches, as viewership for the European RMR A set a new record for opening day viewership of RMR events. Day 1 of the RMR event received enough watch time to become the most-watched opening day of any RMR event ever in Counter-Strike, even higher than the RMR B events, which usually receive higher viewership than the A tournament.

PGL Major 2024 European RMR A Day 1 Viewership Statistics

n total, the first day of the tournament garnered 2.07M Hours Watched. This made the event the second-ever RMR event to break the 2M HW barrier, receiving slightly more watch time than the Paris Major 2023: European RMR B.

The tournament also received 191.4K Average Viewers throughout the more than 10 hours of broadcasting time. The event is still ongoing so this figure may rise or fall as the tournament proceeds, but as it stands, 191.4K AV also makes the event the most popular RMR Counter-Strike tournament ever by average viewership.

The match between Eternal Fire and G2 Esports received 284.6K Peak Viewers, making it the most popular match of the day. As multiple matches were held at the same time, the Peak Viewers figure in the above graphic represents the combined viewership of simultaneous matches. G2 Esports against Eternal Fire was one of the two matches of the first day to go into overtime, resulting in a CS:GO-esque 16:13 victory for G2 Esports. The only other match to go into overtime, AMKAL vs NiP, was also one of the most popular matches of the day.

Comparing the viewership of the recent PGL Major 2024 RMR event to previous RMR A tournaments, the sudden increase in viewership is clear to see. Comparing the average viewership of the 2022 PGL Major Antwerp European RMR A to the 2023 Paris Major European RMR A, the Parisian Major’s qualifying event recorded only a slight increase of 2.6%. Watch time grew by 10.5%, but this figure was partially inflated by the increased broadcasting time.

The ongoing 2024 PGL Major RMR recorded a 21.9% increase in watch time for its first-day viewership compared to the RMR and average viewership increased by 32.2%. Peak viewership increased by 32.5%, and if we use this dynamic as a projection for the final peak viewership of the ongoing tournament, the PGL Major 2024 EU RMR A could reach 495K Peak Viewers, which would cement it as the most popular Counter-Strike RMR tournament ever.

February 14 marked only the first day of the RMR A event, and it will conclude tomorrow, February 17. Esports Charts users can browse the tournament page to see how viewership has developed on the second and third days, and our PRO subscribers can access even more in-depth data. Keep an eye on the tournament page and our socials tomorrow, to find out if the event can become the most popular of its kind within Counter-Strike.

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